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John & Romans


Dan Gill, from Bearing Precious Seed, states that their are 7,000 different Language and dialect on earth. Thirty-six hundred have no scriptures. Bearing Precious Seed started in 1973 where they printed 15,000 in a year.  Today, Bearing Precious Seed can do that number in a day with no problem. Truth Baptist church made 20,000 John Romans booklets in the Croatian language to be sent to Croatia. Other churches will add to this amount to fill up a container.

Dan Gill giving Sunday's Sermon:

Church working together on the John Romans to send to Croatia

Folding the Covers:



John and Roman scriptures needing covered and stapled:

John and Romans scriptures are getting inserted into the covers:


Our Runners deliver the covers to the table to stuff the inserts and to deliver the ready John Romans to be stapled together:


Stapling the John & Romans together:




After Stapling, we counted out the books by 10 for cutting purposes:

Counting, cutting, and boxing: