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18th Anniversary

March Revival 2023 


Featuring all services:  Brother Gary Neal 

March 5:
     Sunday Morning 10am
           Joe Teague leading song


         Doug Barker Appreciation Announcement:

                 Celebrating 18 Years!

        Doug Barker being recognized as a founding member

        Teague Family recognition

        Carl Teague Family singing



        Brother Gary Neal Preaching

    Sunday Evening Service 7pm
         Teague siblings singing



        Brother Gary Neal Preaching   

March 6:

     Monday evening service 7pm

        Joe leading song and Sarah playing the Piano

     Joe and Sarah signing


     Brother Gary Neal Preaching


March 7:

    Tuesday Evening Service 7pm

     Joe and Sarah singing

      Helen, Debbie, Doug Barker singing


     Brother Gary Neal Preaching


March 8:

     Wednesday Evening Services 7pm

       Makayla playing the piano

     Roger Singing


     Helen Barker Singing


    Brother Gary Neal preaching


March 9:
  Thursday Evening Services 7pm

   Doug and Joe Singing


      Rebecca, Hannah, Julia, Rachael, Daniel, Joel, Makayla


      Brother Gary Neal preaching

March 10:

      Friday Evening Services 7pm  

      Barker Family: Jerod, Debbie, Jake, Doug


     Joe, Jerod, Debbie, Hellen, Jake, Doug: 


     Jake Barker singing


     Niki & Halle Lott, Tammy Neal


     Gary Neal Preaching

March 11:

    Saturday 11am Ladies Meeting

    Tammy Neal giving the message on transformation

       Our young girls doing a performance


  Saturday evening at 7pm

  Pastor Teague, Carl Teague, Doug Barker, Joe Teague

   Gary Neal Preaching


March 12:

Sunday School Service 10pm

   Gary Neal Preaching 


Sunday Service 11pm

   Valley, Carl, Rachel, Hannah, Julia, Rebecca Teague singing

   Gary Neal Preaching



Sunday Evening Service 7pm

        Joe, Doug, Joel, Daniel, Carl 


     Joe, Joel, Daniel, and Carl


    Earl and Joyce singing


    Earl singing


     Gary Neal Preaching 


  Please join us on our next revival: 



Sept. 10 - 13, 2023


Sept 10: Bro. Tom Milam 10am, 11am, 7pm

Sept 11th: Bro. Tom Milam at 7pm

Sept.12 -13:  Pastor Summers Family